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Practical Christianity is Practicable

There are things we can do objectively, not depending on others’ approval or direction, that will bring measurable results. God doesn’t want us to be wondering how we’re doing, what He thinks about us, or if we’re pleasing Him. He wants us to know — in reality — what to do and how to be. And since we’re free to make mistakes, we can practice what He’s teaching us as much as is necessary. In a way, we will be “practicing” our relationship with God for as long as we are here on this earth, in much the same way as doctors “practice” medicine. Though we attain certain skills (covered in Knowing God), there will always be another area to explore, since God Himself is never-ending, and is always creating new experiences for us to share with Him.

God also wants us to know where He’s taking us. He wants us to have personal goals, worked out between us and Him. And He wants us to know when we’ve achieved them. Along with this, He wants us to know what our limitations are, and abide by them until He changes them. What God has purposed for someone else may not be something He wants us to be concerned with.

[excerpted from Practical Christianity]

[Hedz Up!] The Fatted Calf

In the story of the Prodigal Son, the Older Son stayed home working around the old homestead. The Younger Son asked for his inheritance early and proceeded to quickly squander it. When he returned home in rags, expecting to be treated as a servant, his father instead embraced him and treated him as his son, throwing him a party. The Older Son was jealous, wanting to know why his father had never thrown him a party, since he was a good boy and worked hard for his father.

The father’s answer to his son is God’s answer for you: “You are living your inheritance, and could have enjoyed it at any time.”

Are you putting off the inheritance that is available to you now? Are you waiting for God to “notice” your situation and intervene? Or are you praying to receive something you’ve already been given? Are you waiting for your reward?

You are already a co-inheritor & joint-heir. All the riches of the kingdom are yours. Now.

But let’s be specific: Are you denying yourself something because you believe you won’t receive it either until you pray hard enough to convince God to give it to you, or until you die and go to heaven? Or until you do something to deserve it? Mature “spiritually”?

Do you have an unanswered question, that you look forward to getting answered in heaven? Do you long for that time when you will truly feel loved and accepted? Do you need a healing or resources that you don’t know how to appropriate?

Yes, it’s easier said than done. Learning to live like the King’s sons is challenging. But it’s what we’re here for. Let’s upgrade our expectations to the Best and not settle for Good or Better.

What Is Your Fatted Calf?

[Hedz Up!] Check In and Move On

Happy New Year! But don’t get distracted in resolutions or reveling.

This is a very active time in the supernatural realm. Stay on the track the Lord has set you on. If you use a ‘new’ year as a checkpoint, check in quickly, and, unless you hear otherwise, keep your focus on moving in the same direction as the ‘old’ year. For example,

“Lord, I’m going to set aside 15 minutes for the next 3 days in order to give you a chance to provide direction. Unless I hear from you, I’m going to continue in the direction I’ve been going. Thanks ahead of time for that direction.”

Don’t expect confirmation, though you may receive encouragment. You may have new choices and decisions to make. But don’t go off in a new direction unless He says so. Until a job is done, work at it, unless the Lord interrupts.

God knows what He’s doing. Stay in touch with Him, and you won’t have to look back and say, “Why was I so worried? God had this all under control all the time, and I could have relaxed and watched Him do His thing!”

Peace, in action and emotion.

[Hedz Up!] “Don’t Force It!”

There are things that you know the Lord has called you to do, that you have a desire to do. Don’t let circumstances create pressure to force the issue prematurely, or to imply that the timing is right because nothing else seems to be going on. This is particularly true with relationships, legal issues and finances.

Be ready to be patient, and make sure your foundation is secure. Don’t take legal shortcuts, rush relationship decisions for convenience sake, and certainly don’t go into debt. God will never direct you to go into debt to start a business or relationship, go into or expand your ministry or make a purchase.

The time you spend waiting, and working, to secure your foundation is not wasted, but invested. See if others who have started hastily don’t fall short.

There is No Rush!

You are a son of God; you have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD!

[Hedz Up!] Go with the Flow

Attempts will be made to rock you from your peace. Don’t try to avoid or resist; instead let the blows glance off your chin, your shoulder and your back. This will weaken your adversary and impart knowledge of your vulnerabilities.

Ask for Restoration and Healing.

Receive Favor.

What Is Practical Christianity?

When we talk about Practical Christianity, we’re talking about knowing how God works in our lives in ways in which we can cooperate with Him on a day-to-day basis in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. Practical Christianity is about our relationship with God, with the Holy Spirit, with Jesus and with the Father. We want to know how to relate, and then do it.

Practical Christianity is Not Just Theory

Oftentimes we hear teachings about faith and doctrine, about knowing God, in such religious terms that our relationship with God becomes separate from our day-to-day lives. But God wants us to know Him in reality, acting on, testing and proving the teachings and doctrines we are exposed to. If it doesn’t “work,” we are to pursue God until we find something that does. God wants us to understand Him and His ways. What is from Him will stand up to scrutiny, and will bring us into a dependent relationship with Him.

[excerpted from Practical Christianity]

[Hedz Up!] Reject Rejection & Deception

Take time now to plan for the coming stresses of the holidays.

Because of all the additional stresses this year, both real and manufactured, you will likely have to make an extra effort to stay connected to your LifeLine within. Set aside days, or even hours or times, to reconnect and receive encouragement.

Change is always hard, even the good changes that are coming. Don’t believe for a second that God has come to judge you, your situation or your nation, but that through whatever situation you find yourself in, He has brought you to it for His good purposes. Not that we don’t suffer the consequences of our actions; but what we learn from them is priceless.

What God has for you, for us all, will so overwhelm us with His creativity and ingenuity that we will once again Rejoice at His Comings.

Why Wait? Rejoice Now, for He Comes In You Now!