[Hedz Up!] Reject Rejection & Deception

Take time now to plan for the coming stresses of the holidays.

Because of all the additional stresses this year, both real and manufactured, you will likely have to make an extra effort to stay connected to your LifeLine within. Set aside days, or even hours or times, to reconnect and receive encouragement.

Change is always hard, even the good changes that are coming. Don’t believe for a second that God has come to judge you, your situation or your nation, but that through whatever situation you find yourself in, He has brought you to it for His good purposes. Not that we don’t suffer the consequences of our actions; but what we learn from them is priceless.

What God has for you, for us all, will so overwhelm us with His creativity and ingenuity that we will once again Rejoice at His Comings.

Why Wait? Rejoice Now, for He Comes In You Now!


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