And know how to test what we hear by being able to distinguish His Voice from all others

To Rule and To Reign

As a Spirit, to Rule over our Soul and Reign over our Circumstances, Living as Sons on this Earth


Sharing Unconditionally with others what God has shared Unconditionally with us


The purpose of this site is to explore, in practical terms, what it means to Rule over Ourselves and Reign with Christ now. Our goal is to present relevant information and instruction so that each and every believer, regardless of background or experience, can approach the Christian Walk with confidence and accomplishment.

There are some distinct differences between this ministry and most others. Rather than address what others may believe and teach, we will simply be laying out our approach, trusting that the Lord Himself will affirm and encourage each individual’s daily walk. We share with you what God has shared with us, always reserving the right to change and grow, revising our teachings and beliefs over time. We still see and hear in part, so let's be gentle with one another as we enjoy the company along the way.

Do you want to Hear God Clearly?

Do you want your wounds healed?

Do you want to learn how to give unconditionally?

Welcome to The Club!

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Eternal Life Series

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