Basic Principles of Bible Interpretation

These First Things

Spirit, Soul & Body and the 3 Realms of Reality

It’s About Time!

Time and the 3 Realms of Reality

Practical Christianity


What Is Our Purpose Now?

What Is God’s Purpose Now?

Brokenness And Dependence On God

Relinquishing Our Rights

Dependence And Fulfilling Our Purpose

Does What You Believe Work?

Cultivating Quietness


Seeking God


Getting Healed: Where to Start

Getting Healed

What Are Wounds?

Reasons We’re Not Healed

Hindrances to Getting Healed

Healing and Forgiveness

Overcoming Hindrances To Getting Healed

Results of Getting Healed

Exposing and Overcoming Our Enemies: The World, the Flesh and the Devil

Overcoming the World

Overcoming the Flesh

Overcoming the Devil

Becoming Whole Spirit, Soul & Body

Knowing God

PART I: Knowing God, Our Part

The Sovereignty of God

The Act of Waiting

Hearing His Voice

PART II: Knowing God, His Part

God Approaches Us: The Presence of the Lord

Supernatural Experiences: Practical Lessons in Learning to Know God

The Lord’s Visits

8 Steps to Engaging the Supernatural

General Supernatural Manifestations

The Holy Spirit and Supernatural Gifts

Activities of the Holy Spirit

A Summary of Some of the Supernatural Gifts

How to Minister in the Supernatural Gifts

Challenges to Knowing and Hearing from God

PART III: Practical Results of Knowing God

Divine Guidance

General Methods of Guidance According to Grace

Supernatural Means of Divine Guidance

Responding to and Interpreting Supernatural Means of Guidance

Guidelines for Knowing the Will of God for a Specific Situation


Ministry and Money

Waiting for Your Ministry

What Does Knowing God by Cultivating Quietness Look Like?



Overcoming Supernatural Interference

8 Steps to Engaging the Supernatural


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