Welcome to The Reigners Club

Our purpose is to freely share with others what God has shared with us, especially regarding how to fulfill God’s three-fold purpose for us today:

  1. To Hear God’s Voice, and know how to test what we hear by being able to distinguish His Voice from all others
  2. To Rule and Reign as a Spirit, to Rule over our Soul and Reign over our Circumstances, living as sons on this Earth
  3. To Mentor Others, sharing unconditionally with others what God has shared unconditionally with us

To achieve these goals, we focus on making Christianity practical, taking responsibility for knowing God and embracing our purpose — to Know Him now. Our teaching emphasizes:

  1. How to Be Fully Healed and Made Whole in Spirit, Soul and Body
  2. How to Cooperate with God as He exposes our Flesh, and Consumes It
  3. How to Cooperate with God as He restores our Soul to union with our Spirit
  4. How to Know God Intimately on His Terms, Spirit to Spirit

We all need to be able to experientially recognize, test and act on what the Spirit is saying to us as individuals, so we emphasize building confidence in our ability to hear His voice through practical exercises and conversation on a daily, even moment-by-moment basis. We will be discussing a wide range of topics, from relationships, finances and politics to entertainment, fashion and humor, as real world examples of how we can know God’s voice in every situation.

Our approach to fulfilling the above purposes is likely different from what you have encountered elsewhere. The three books in “The Eternal Life Series”: Practical Christianity, Getting Healed & Knowing God, were written as a foundation for an on-going discussion of the simplicity of knowing God now. We will be building upon what is written in these books, so it is helpful to be familiar with their contents. Much of the content of the books is available via podcast via Reigners Radio, and the books can be purchased online at Shop above.

We continue to look for ways to use every available venue as the Lord directs. This site is just one aspect of the fulfillment of His present direction. If you have not already signed up for our weekly newsletters you can do so by submitting your email address and you will be kept up to date with the latest news and articles.


We fully expect the Lord to heal both physically and emotionally through this ministry. For all of our sakes, we have arranged with the Lord that He will never ask for a “test of faith” in order to receive a healing. This is especially true in the area of seeking or sustaining medical supervision or medications. Instead we will together seek His direction in conjunction with whatever medical supervision is being given in order to achieve His desired outcome.


Please, no religious jargon. Put your thoughts, questions, comments and feedback in your own words. Yes, this means restricting scripture references and quoting of other’s ideas or words. What is the Lord saying to YOU?

Additional Guidelines and Policies will be posted as necessary.

Welcome to The Reigners Club — make yourself at home,

Dianne Thomas