What Is Practical Christianity?

When we talk about Practical Christianity, we’re talking about knowing how God works in our lives in ways in which we can cooperate with Him on a day-to-day basis in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. Practical Christianity is about our relationship with God, with the Holy Spirit, with Jesus and with the Father. We want to know how to relate, and then do it.

Practical Christianity is Not Just Theory

Oftentimes we hear teachings about faith and doctrine, about knowing God, in such religious terms that our relationship with God becomes separate from our day-to-day lives. But God wants us to know Him in reality, acting on, testing and proving the teachings and doctrines we are exposed to. If it doesn’t “work,” we are to pursue God until we find something that does. God wants us to understand Him and His ways. What is from Him will stand up to scrutiny, and will bring us into a dependent relationship with Him.

[excerpted from Practical Christianity]

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