Practical Christianity is Practicable

There are things we can do objectively, not depending on others’ approval or direction, that will bring measurable results. God doesn’t want us to be wondering how we’re doing, what He thinks about us, or if we’re pleasing Him. He wants us to know — in reality — what to do and how to be. And since we’re free to make mistakes, we can practice what He’s teaching us as much as is necessary. In a way, we will be “practicing” our relationship with God for as long as we are here on this earth, in much the same way as doctors “practice” medicine. Though we attain certain skills (covered in Knowing God), there will always be another area to explore, since God Himself is never-ending, and is always creating new experiences for us to share with Him.

God also wants us to know where He’s taking us. He wants us to have personal goals, worked out between us and Him. And He wants us to know when we’ve achieved them. Along with this, He wants us to know what our limitations are, and abide by them until He changes them. What God has purposed for someone else may not be something He wants us to be concerned with.

[excerpted from Practical Christianity]

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