[Hedz Up!] “What Are You Waiting For?”

Many have made difficult decisions, and have received some form of the peace that comes from receiving God’s wisdom. But time has passed, and though the decision has been made, little action has been taken. Just because you made the decision, doesn’t mean your enemies are going to let up. In fact, things may get worse!

If you’ve had trouble moving forward, even being confused about your next step, take a few minutes to identify the problem.

* First, clearly identify, in writing, what your next step is, and when you are to have it completed.

Then review as often as necessary:

* Do you need to overcome demonic interference?

* Are your old habits — emotional, organizational, relational — keeping you from taking the next step?

* Have you made this a priority in your life? Often the longer we delay change, the harder it becomes. What can you do Right Now?

Even if you don’t have directions for the entire journey, take the next step. Now.

Persistence as a character quality is developed by being persistent as a habit.

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