[Hedz Up!] Heads Up!

When I was young I took horseback riding lessons. My first lesson, the instructor was constantly telling me: “Look where you’re going.” Round and round the ring, “Look where you’re going!” I got so frustrated, cuz I thought I was doing the right thing already. Finally, the instructor asked me, “Dianne, where are you looking?”

I answered, “I’m looking where I’m going.”

She said, “No, you’re looking where your horse is going – you need to look where you’re telling him to go. Look between his ears – that’s where you’re going!”

Instead of looking down, watching my horse’s feet fall in the dirt, I raised my eyes to look between his ears. It was a simple adjustment, but suddenly my posture changed, the horse’s gait changed, and everything was so much easier. I got it. And I fell in love with horseback riding.

Ever since then, every once in a while Daddy reminds me to “Look” where I’m going. My head comes up and I look at the big picture, where we’re going, together. My posture changes, my gait changes, and everything is easier. Many of the obstacles fall away, I find my focus again, and I re-fall in love with His purpose and plan for me today.

Ask Daddy if there’s any area you’re looking down instead of looking ahead. If necessary, let Him raise your head. Over time, you’ll get it, and you’ll find He provides whatever may be lacking. He knows what you need now. And He loves you. It will become easier.

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