[Hedz Up!] The Fatted Calf

In the story of the Prodigal Son, the Older Son stayed home working around the old homestead. The Younger Son asked for his inheritance early and proceeded to quickly squander it. When he returned home in rags, expecting to be treated as a servant, his father instead embraced him and treated him as his son, throwing him a party. The Older Son was jealous, wanting to know why his father had never thrown him a party, since he was a good boy and worked hard for his father.

The father’s answer to his son is God’s answer for you: “You are living your inheritance, and could have enjoyed it at any time.”

Are you putting off the inheritance that is available to you now? Are you waiting for God to “notice” your situation and intervene? Or are you praying to receive something you’ve already been given? Are you waiting for your reward?

You are already a co-inheritor & joint-heir. All the riches of the kingdom are yours. Now.

But let’s be specific: Are you denying yourself something because you believe you won’t receive it either until you pray hard enough to convince God to give it to you, or until you die and go to heaven? Or until you do something to deserve it? Mature “spiritually”?

Do you have an unanswered question, that you look forward to getting answered in heaven? Do you long for that time when you will truly feel loved and accepted? Do you need a healing or resources that you don’t know how to appropriate?

Yes, it’s easier said than done. Learning to live like the King’s sons is challenging. But it’s what we’re here for. Let’s upgrade our expectations to the Best and not settle for Good or Better.

What Is Your Fatted Calf?

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