[Hedz Up!] “Don’t Force It!”

There are things that you know the Lord has called you to do, that you have a desire to do. Don’t let circumstances create pressure to force the issue prematurely, or to imply that the timing is right because nothing else seems to be going on. This is particularly true with relationships, legal issues and finances.

Be ready to be patient, and make sure your foundation is secure. Don’t take legal shortcuts, rush relationship decisions for convenience sake, and certainly don’t go into debt. God will never direct you to go into debt to start a business or relationship, go into or expand your ministry or make a purchase.

The time you spend waiting, and working, to secure your foundation is not wasted, but invested. See if others who have started hastily don’t fall short.

There is No Rush!

You are a son of God; you have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD!

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