[Hedz Up!] Check In and Move On

Happy New Year! But don’t get distracted in resolutions or reveling.

This is a very active time in the supernatural realm. Stay on the track the Lord has set you on. If you use a ‘new’ year as a checkpoint, check in quickly, and, unless you hear otherwise, keep your focus on moving in the same direction as the ‘old’ year. For example,

“Lord, I’m going to set aside 15 minutes for the next 3 days in order to give you a chance to provide direction. Unless I hear from you, I’m going to continue in the direction I’ve been going. Thanks ahead of time for that direction.”

Don’t expect confirmation, though you may receive encouragment. You may have new choices and decisions to make. But don’t go off in a new direction unless He says so. Until a job is done, work at it, unless the Lord interrupts.

God knows what He’s doing. Stay in touch with Him, and you won’t have to look back and say, “Why was I so worried? God had this all under control all the time, and I could have relaxed and watched Him do His thing!”

Peace, in action and emotion.

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