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[Hedz Up!] Identify Your Battlefield

BE SPECIFIC about your unique challenges at this time.

Know your own position, your vulnerabilities and the weapons at your disposal.

Know your goals – what is Victory in this situation.

Evaluate your enemies and their weaknesses.

Let the Lord teach and train you to Rule and Reign now!

Write it down, track your progress.


[Hedz Up!] Seriously, Refreshed

Take your times of refreshing seriously. Plan them. Schedule them. Regularly. God does not value burn-out, and has given you your body — and your soul — to take care of and watch over. Nurture a variety of interests and skills to maintain balance while on this earth.

Enjoy your time here.

Be happy.

[Hedz Up!] Review Your Position

New opportunities are opening up for you. Check in with God about your personal issues — time, finances, relationships — to make sure they are compatible with His plans for you. You may need to do this fairly regularly for awhile, but it will be worth it.

“Lord is there any area where I’m spending my time that I need to adjust?”

“Lord is there any area in my finances that I need to adjust?”

“Lord are there any relationships that I need to adjust?”

Follow through completely.

Have a great week!

[Hedz Up!] Hide and Seek

Pursue the treasures God has hidden for you.

Just as in the game we all played when we were young, enjoy the seeking as well as the finding. Once you find it, you will be surprised at how easy it was. Then it will be your turn to be sought out.

Your treasure is waiting for you now.

Enjoy the hunt.

[Hedz Up!] Come Out of Your Prayer Closet

Opportunity is knocking, but you will have to come out of your prayer closet to answer the door. Put your hand and mind to what you desire. Expect God to make it grow, as you plant the seeds. Try, Fall, Try Again. Ask God, but do the work that is in front of you.

Now is Your Time.

Freedom to Fail, Freedom to Succeed!

[Hedz Up!] Hidden Opportunity

When making plans and setting goals for your immediate future, pay close attention to the details. Hidden within are surprises and treasures the Lord has waiting for you. If you move too hastily, you may walk right past the opportunities available to you now.

That doesn’t mean they won’t be available for you later, but NOW is the time to receive and act. Everything is prepared for you, and you are ready.

Diversify your Dreams.

Have a Spectacular Week!

[Hedz Up!] “Don’t Just Sign on the Dotted Line”

This week triple-check with the Lord before making financial, legal or even time or emotional commitments. There are by definition strings attached, and it will be easier to avoid the situation altogether rather than to have to untangle the results. Don’t try to help others by over- or inappropriately extending yourself.

It’s not your job to meet others’ needs. Be strong but compassionate.

Have a great week.

[Hedz Up!] Assume the Best

When bombarded with negativity from all sides, it is our responsibility to set our minds, emotions and decisions squarely on Truth. Rather than try to figure out what is going on, or waiting for things to get better or clearer, assume the Truth about God’s plans for you. This, whatever ‘This’ is for you, is God’s intent for your life right now. There is no Second-Hand Purpose for your life. Conclude that ‘This’ is Best for you: Face every fear, doubt, tragedy, tough decision with Gratitude.

“Thank you Daddy for this opportunity to Depend on You for Strength, Guidance, Stability, even though I don’t see, feel, think it right now.”

As soon as you blame someone else, or give someone else credit, you are giving someone other than God authority in your life.

Assume the Best. He will lead, reveal in His time.

Be at Peace, but be Steadfast in Enduring that you may Overcome your self First.

[Hedz Up!] “Thanks, I Think I’ll Pass!”

On this earth we are contending with 3 Enemies: The World System, the Flesh or Self-Life, and the Devil. Right now the World System is in full Attack Mode. Remember that all of your enemies are liars, and are out to rob, kill and destroy YOU.

Do Not Get Drawn Into Battle On Their Terms!

Instead, focus on the Lord’s economy. He OWNS the economy; therefore, as a son of God, a joint-heir, a co-inheritor, you, too, own the economy. You are not the slave or victim — you are the MASTER!

Use this time to let the Lord reveal areas that need healing and belief-changing. Review your financial situation objectively and look for ways to eliminate your vulnerabilities to these attacks [i.e., do you need to change your financial mindset to get out and stay out of debt or change your career objectives / work ethic?***] 

Oh, and stop watching the “news.” When Bad News comes calling, just say,

“Thanks, I Think I’ll Pass.”

[***If you need a strategy to get out and stay out of debt, I recommend attending your local FPU class through, everything but his teaching on tithing.]