[Hedz Up!] Assume the Best

When bombarded with negativity from all sides, it is our responsibility to set our minds, emotions and decisions squarely on Truth. Rather than try to figure out what is going on, or waiting for things to get better or clearer, assume the Truth about God’s plans for you. This, whatever ‘This’ is for you, is God’s intent for your life right now. There is no Second-Hand Purpose for your life. Conclude that ‘This’ is Best for you: Face every fear, doubt, tragedy, tough decision with Gratitude.

“Thank you Daddy for this opportunity to Depend on You for Strength, Guidance, Stability, even though I don’t see, feel, think it right now.”

As soon as you blame someone else, or give someone else credit, you are giving someone other than God authority in your life.

Assume the Best. He will lead, reveal in His time.

Be at Peace, but be Steadfast in Enduring that you may Overcome your self First.

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