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[Hedz Up!] The Satisfaction of Silence

Don’t mistake God’s silences as rejection or missing Him in some way.

When you are on the right track, when things are going well, you will likely hear ‘less’ from God. He is always speaking, being with you in your spirit, but don’t be surprised if He is teaching you endurance and confidence.

When your child is riding his bike where he should, you don’t bother him. It’s only when he is riding out in the street that you have to intervene.

Unless the Lord tells you to seek Him until you find Him, trust that you have already found Him for now, and that everything is proceeding as planned.

Rest, be contented and satisfied, even as you work.

[Hedz Up!] Distractions

The next coming weeks will be filled with circumstances and events beyond your control. Don’t take them personally. Stay focused on what God has placed in your hands. Treasures are hidden, but will be clearly visible as you remain blinded to the unnecessary.


Have a Great Week!

[Hedz Up!] “What Were You Thinking?”

We all have scripts that served us well before we were newly created, to protect and control ourselves and our environment.

“I’ll never measure up, so why try?”

“If people really knew what I was like, they’d never want me as a friend.”

“Never admit when you’ve made a mistake — Never let anyone see you weak.”

These are most often sayings we’ve learned from our parents and family, and they usually in some way suit our temperament.

Part of learning dependence on God is learning to catch your scripts as you think them, to learn what you’re actually thinking, then to drop and/or modify those scripts to reflect your new identity.

First in line should be creating a script that directs you to turn to God. For example,

“Lord, what’s going on here?”

“Lord, is that You?”

“Lord, is this something you want me to pay attention to?”

and my favorite,

“Lord, what is Your Truth here?”

Then give Him time to answer.

HOMEWORK: Take a minute or two now to write down 3 scripts or phrases you recognize as your scripts, or what others attribute to you (yes, ask them!). Your favorite sayings, perhaps.

Do these scripts speak the Truth about who you are? Do they encourage dependence on God, or away from Him.

Create new scripts as necessary, meaningful to you, that arise from your conversation with God. Then rehearse until Truth becomes your habit.

Have a great week!

[Hedz Up!] Puzzle It Out

Don’t settle for muddling your way through your options and decisions. Instead devise a strategy to sort out the pieces and allow the Lord to create the bigger picture.

You may not see the final image until after the pieces have fallen into place.

God wants to speak clearly to you. Give Him the opportunity.

Remember He speaks in many ways; don’t assume it will be the ways He has spoken in the past.

This is an opportunity, not a crisis.

You’re On Track, Keep Going.

[Hedz Up!] Rejoice and Choose

Some are having trouble making decisions at this time, even after having spent appropriate time waiting for God’s direction. Confusion is not only from the stress of trying to hear His voice, but from our enemies: the world system, your flesh and the devil.

When you can’t determine a specific direction from the Lord, Rejoice and Choose.

Set aside a time in which you will make your decision. Spend a few minutes expressing gratitude to Him and for Him. Then pick a direction. Follow up with a few minutes to let the Lord speak. Then commit.

Remember, you can always change your direction later; God is not concerned about you making the ‘right’ choice, but about depending on Him for direction. Do the above and you’ve done just that.

Rejoice and Choose.

[Hedz Up!] “Perfection” Not Required

Rest-ReachGod knows the difficult times you’re going through. He’s not withholding help based on how well you are handling this stress, or how well you have performed in the past.

In fact, He’s not withholding His help at all.

You deserve His help because He loves you and is by Nature a Giving, Helping Person.

Ask specifically, wait for a response, and get through this. There will be plenty of time to evaluate your beliefs and actions as you emerge, perhaps slowly, out of these particular difficulties.

You don’t need to qualify for His help.

Daddy Loves You Now.

[Hedz Up!] Take Care of Yourself

Make your Self a priority in developing new habits. Get over the idea that God is pleased when we disregard the needs of our body and our soul. Tend to each, as necessary, and you will be prepared and ready to rise to any occasion God sends you to.

Keep yourself well, so you don’t have to tell God, “I can’t, because I have this physical illness,” or “First would you please heal this wound in my soul.”

Just as you tend to the brakes in your car so they will be ready when you need them, tend to your body and soul so they will be ready when you need them as well.

God Loves Your Body And Soul; Learn To Do The Same.


[Hedz Up!] Start Over

Time is neither your friend nor your enemy. As a spirit being, you can Start Over any time you choose. On this first day of a new month, notice your thinking in regard to the past month or your future, whether positive or negative. Both reflect the natural realm — As a spirit being, you will have to give up your markers, as comforting as they may be, in order to live eternally now.

Time is merely a Resource.

“Lord, teach me to live in control of time.”

[Hedz Up!] Turning the Corner

Turn the Corner!

This is the time to make the changes that will lead you in the new direction. The fruits of your labors are ripe and ready for harvest. There is still work to be done, but clarity FOLLOWS the turning.

Some will turn one corner, some will turn several corners, in many areas or even in a single area.

A few of you will even find yourselves having turned the same corner in one area so many times that you are seemingly right back where you started. This is meant to be a strong confirmation that you are heading in the right direction.

The Lord is leading as you put one foot in front of the other, one idea into motion after another.

Rest comes from Action.

Be Nimble and Keep Your Sense of Humor.