[Hedz Up!] “What Were You Thinking?”

We all have scripts that served us well before we were newly created, to protect and control ourselves and our environment.

“I’ll never measure up, so why try?”

“If people really knew what I was like, they’d never want me as a friend.”

“Never admit when you’ve made a mistake — Never let anyone see you weak.”

These are most often sayings we’ve learned from our parents and family, and they usually in some way suit our temperament.

Part of learning dependence on God is learning to catch your scripts as you think them, to learn what you’re actually thinking, then to drop and/or modify those scripts to reflect your new identity.

First in line should be creating a script that directs you to turn to God. For example,

“Lord, what’s going on here?”

“Lord, is that You?”

“Lord, is this something you want me to pay attention to?”

and my favorite,

“Lord, what is Your Truth here?”

Then give Him time to answer.

HOMEWORK: Take a minute or two now to write down 3 scripts or phrases you recognize as your scripts, or what others attribute to you (yes, ask them!). Your favorite sayings, perhaps.

Do these scripts speak the Truth about who you are? Do they encourage dependence on God, or away from Him.

Create new scripts as necessary, meaningful to you, that arise from your conversation with God. Then rehearse until Truth becomes your habit.

Have a great week!

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