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[Hedz Up!] Giving Thanks

Just a gentle reminder that no matter how bad things may seem, or in earthly reality, are, your new spirit nature has fully received ALL THINGS. All of your needs have been fully met.

Your new nature is gratitude, and a good indicator of your soulical-life intruding on your spirit-life is when gratitude is hard to embrace and express.

Not that fear, frustration, anger, questioning, aren’t all normal emotions. They are.

But you and I are no longer emotional beings. We have emotions. They don’t have us.

So this Thanksgiving, Give Thanks. Not out of Faith, or Hope, or cuz you’re straining to Feel it. But out of the Reality of Your Being Thankful.

GRACE: Receiving Unconditionally what God Gives Unconditionally, and Just Saying, “Thanks.”

[Hedz Up!] Envy, the Root of Bitterness

Today the strongholds of envy and bitterness are strong throughout the world. Jealousy is wanting what another has; Envy is not wanting them to have it.

There’s a parable of two fellows who were friends; one of them had a goat. Day after day, the fellow led his goat with him wherever he went, and spoke of his goat when he had to leave him behind. This made the goat-less friend angry and bitter, having to see and listen to stories about this goat. Then one day, the goat-less friend found a magic lamp in the road. He rubbed it, and a genie appeared.

“You are granted one wish! What will it be?”

Without hesitation the goat-less friend replied, “I wish my friend’s goat to die.” And so it was.

A clear example of envy’s subtlety is Jesus’s illustration of the disgruntled workers. Some were hired in the morning, and promised a certain wage. Some were hired later that morning, some at noon, and some close to work-day’s end, all promised the same wage. Those hired first reasoned that since they had labored longer than the others, they would surely receive the greater compensation. But at the end of the day, they were all paid the same amount. The first-hired became angry, but were countered with grace. “Why are you angry that I am generous? Did I not pay you what I promised you?”

Working for a large ministry, our group was merged into another during downsizing. During our group’s weekly meeting, our manager told this worker’s parable, reminding us how easily envy and bitterness can creep in, even when we receive what we have agreed to. Later we learned that it was Bonus Time, and that in order for the original group members to receive a larger bonus, our group had to receive a smaller bonus. We had been forewarned, and were able to be grateful for our bonuses, regardless of what others received.

Life is not fair. God is not fair. Instead, He has made you joint-heirs and co-inheritors, and claims you now as His Beloved Sons, with all the inherent benefits.

That’s not fair, either.

Be forewarned, and be grateful that God is generous to whom and as He chooses.

[Hedz Up!] Revisit & Recover

Now is a good time to revisit old problems and even financial challenges that have been laid aside or given up on. Time has worked out some knots, and you will find surprising favor using the same approach you’ve tried before. The knots have decayed, and the desired result is obtainable.

Recover quickly that which was stolen or tricked from you.

Legal questions will also be resolved with ease.

Simply ask with confidence.

[Hedz Up!] Strength for the Weary

This has been a long journey, and it’s not over.

The Lord is pouring into you His strength, but you have to receive it.

Turn from your own strength, asking the Lord if there is anywhere you are relying on your own strength instead of His. Work through any wounds or beliefs that contradict His Truth.

You will make it through this, for now He wants to ease your burden.


[Hedz Up!] “Packed and Ready to Go!”

At the end of September, there was a pivotal battle in this current supernatural war, and it was won.

As in natural wars, the most critical strategic battles are not known to the public until well after the fact, often not until history takes a second or even a third look. For us, God has waged the battle and won it, without our knowledge or assistance.

What this change will look like, how and when it will manifest, will also be seen only over time.

Don’t wait until it’s clear. Instead, ask the Lord what YOU need to be doing, changing NOW so you can be nimble and flexible. Increase your expectation for GOOD, for PROMOTION, for OPPORTUNITY.

Be Packed, and Ready to GO!

[Hedz Up!] Take Quick Breaks!

Yes, you do need to recharge and refresh. But don’t lose the focus and determination to see this project through to the end. Plan ahead of time for brief periods of relaxation.

A good rule of thumb? If you’re short on funds, don’t think that you “deserve,” or “need” to spend money in order to take a break. If you’re short on time, don’t think you need to shut down your project, or disconnect completely for a significant period of time.

Think about what will really be recharging for you, then do it. This way you can really enjoy your break because you have prepared and budgeted for it ahead of time. And you’ll be ready to pick right up where you left off when you come back from vacation.

Make your break appointments now for the coming holiday seasons. Take one day off a week before each holiday.

Something to look forward to…


[Hedz Up!] Don’t Assume

God’s Ways are new every morning. Don’t assume what “worked” last time, will “work” this time.

Check with God.

Your situation may be something you already have authority over. You don’t want to be waiting for Him to do something, while He is waiting for you to fulfill your responsibility, exercise your authority and take action.

Wait for clarity, but work while you wait. Clarity may only come after the fact.

Having DONE ALL, Stand. Have you DONE ALL?

[Hedz Up!] Encouragement for Now

Now is not the time to draw back. You’re doing much better than you think.

We command all illegal hindrances to withdraw and all effects to be null and void.

We command all legal hindrances to identify yourselves. [Deal with accordingly — where healing is needed, ask for and receive healing; then ask for God’s truth in that area, releasing the lie you’ve been believing. Modify habits, time management, relationships where necessary.]

Your Finish Line is close, so the battle is fierce, though subtle.


[Hedz Up!] ReGroup

New Month, New Season. Take time to evaluate how you’re doing, what’s working, what’s not.

Simple observations will reveal the hindrances; Removal will be fairly straightforward at this time, though effort will be necessary.

For many, Step One in your plan has not gone smoothly. Proceed cautiously to Step Two instead, which will likely reveal why Step One did not go as expected.

If necessary, Re-Structure your plan and even start with a New Step One.

How quickly you accomplish these plans is not what’s important, but…

Are You Depending on Him?

Prepare for Turbulence and Stay Focused.

Have a great week!