[Hedz Up!] Giving Thanks

Just a gentle reminder that no matter how bad things may seem, or in earthly reality, are, your new spirit nature has fully received ALL THINGS. All of your needs have been fully met.

Your new nature is gratitude, and a good indicator of your soulical-life intruding on your spirit-life is when gratitude is hard to embrace and express.

Not that fear, frustration, anger, questioning, aren’t all normal emotions. They are.

But you and I are no longer emotional beings. We have emotions. They don’t have us.

So this Thanksgiving, Give Thanks. Not out of Faith, or Hope, or cuz you’re straining to Feel it. But out of the Reality of Your Being Thankful.

GRACE: Receiving Unconditionally what God Gives Unconditionally, and Just Saying, “Thanks.”

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