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Just Say “Yes”

I’ve spent a lot of time driving lately, and ended up listening to a lot of Bible teaching on the radio. I noticed a sense of depression and burden toward even what I usually really enjoy doing. Pausing to check with the Lord, I was struck by several of the phrases I had heard on the radio; maybe not so much the words, but the approach to this world’s challenges that was presented. Rewards for suffering. Bearing other’s burdens. Treasures in heaven.

It is so much easier to be negative about, well, just about anything. On our own we tend toward the negative, and have to really work to be positive.

So, we’ll have to learn how to work. To overcome. To accept and focus on the positive. To enjoy God’s Yes.

Can you know God without a doubt? Yes.

Can you hear His Voice clearly. Yes.

Can you know He loves you now? Yes.

Does He have wonderful treasures, freedom, healing for you now? Yes.

Will we have to work to enjoy them? Yes…

Not to receive them, No…

But to enjoy them, yes, it may be work.

So, it’s daylight, let’s get to work 🙂

Happy Independence Day


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To Hear His voice


Our purpose is to encourage, inform and inspire those who are seeking a deeper, dependent relationship with God.

To that end, we will be sharing with you what God is sharing with us in a timely manner, focusing on clarity and brevity.

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Getting Healed Results in Our Investing Our Inheritance as Sons of God

The more we experience healing, the more of God’s life is flowing to and through us. Part of that life is the desire to carry out His purposes on this earth. He chooses how He works through each one of us, yet in every circumstance He is also teaching us to grow up into the full stature as His Son Jesus learned while He walked this earth. Though the task of redemption has been completed, each of us has a project (or projects) God wants us to be working on while we are here. Not because He needs us to do it, but because part of our dependence training is learning how to wisely steward our inheritance, the Kingdom.

Reminder: YOU are not wounded!

We are spending a good deal of time on the process and details of getting healed because it is important to God as well as to us. It is imperative, however, that we not form a new identity of being a “Wounded Person,” even a “Wounded Person Getting Healed.” Who you truly are, in your spirit, is NOT wounded, and doesn’t need healing. Your true identity is as a spirit being, whole, complete, perfect and entire NOW. Keep things in perspective; though we give this learning process the time and attention it deserves, we don’t give it ALL of our time and attention.

Conclusion: Overcoming Hindrances

Overcoming the hindrances to getting healed is a process that can be learned. As in all other aspects of the relationship between our soul and our spirit, there is a dichotomy of activity. We don’t get healed, or even learn to get healed, out of our own strength, but we join God on His terms in the teaching and healing He is doing in our lives. We recognize what He’s doing, asking for ways to join Him, willingly making mistakes as we learn. Success will not depend on how we feel, think or act, so don’t count on it feeling good (or bad), being easy (or hard), or making sense (or no sense). The results of learning to get healed are worth the effort, though, as we’ll soon see.

How Can I Judge How I’m Doing? If I’m Successful? If I’m On the Right Track?

God doesn’t want us to wait until we die to find out if He’s going to say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” I mean, it’d be a little late, wouldn’t it? So how can we know how we’re doing now?

Well, ask the Judge. Unlike in the Olympics, our Judge is also our Coach, Teammate and Biggest Fan. He has walked this way before, and knows what it’s like. Most often we will find that we are much harder on ourselves than He is.

God does want us to know how we are doing, so He will often give us tokens of accomplishment or graduation appropriate to what we have overcome. He knows we need encouragement, and does what He needs to in order to keep us coming to Him for that encouragement. But be aware that His affirmations are not like ours… His score card is much simpler!

For many years I was very afraid of dealing with anything demonic. But there came a point in time when I knew that if I continued in the direction the Lord was taking me I would have to face and overcome this fear. So I told the Lord I was willing to be taught in this area, even though I was still afraid of my reaction. Well, without going into details, a few weeks later the Lord orchestrated a situation where a demon manifested itself into the room where I was working. When this happened all I felt was curiosity, then surprise that I wasn’t afraid. From that time on I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that even these things are all completely under His authority and control. To me, this was not only an encouragement to continue to proceed in the direction I was heading, but a reward for allowing Him His choice and method of teaching.

While we are here on this earth our battlefields consist of overcoming the world, the flesh and the devil. You know you’ve overcome in an area, or achieved a goal, not because it’s finished or a deadline met, but because you can rest in dependence in that area.

How Can We Recognize Success?

Because of the nature of Christian success, it is often hard to recognize. So our motivation should not be derived from how we’re doing, how we’re measuring up. But measuring our success IS one way God encourages us; we just need to know what His standards are (again, His standards will be based on bringing us into dependence on Himself).

First of all, the Kingdom of God is entered, not built. His work is complete. Our spiritual walk and work is complete in Him. So where is the activity and change? In the soulical realm, with the physical following after. Our goal is to enter into His rest, not to become more productive, build His Kingdom, or even to make disciples of all nations (remember Jesus didn’t send out everyone, only those who had first come to Him, and had learned dependence on His Father).

So recognizing success will be a private thing, centering around a restful dependence. That’s not to say that a successful Christian walk is passive; far from it. It’s just active in a different way. Jesus’s walk on earth was the perfect example of a dependent life, yet the last thing we would say was that He was passive. But His motivation to act, His ability, His power all came through His depending on His Father.

This dependence must be experienced to be truly understood, and as we cooperate with the Lord we can be confident that He is working it into us, but a common example of dependence is the vine and the branch. All the branch has to do is be still and receive the life coming through the vine. In its season, fruit is borne, effortlessly, though through the branch. It is the vine that produces the fruit, the branch simply receives the life. As the life passes through its being, what was already there is en-livened and creates after its own kind. So we as the branches needn’t be concerned with how, or how much is being produced through us by His life flowing through us, unless the Lord specifically brings it to our attention.

Here’s an example the Lord gave me to remind me to rest on a regular basis: On my sliding glass door I’ve got a birdfeeder that’s held on by a couple of suction cups. The birdfeeder keeps the birds from hitting the glass, as well as feeding them up-close and personal so I can enjoy them. But what makes it work is the suction between the glass and the suction cup. All the suction cup needs to do is nothing; its purposes are being fulfilled without it doing a thing but being what it was meant to be. It just hangs in there! (You may want to ask the Lord to make this concept real to you; He’s a personal God, and knows what has meaning for you!)


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Happy New Year 2010!


[Hedz Up!] Opportunities to Release

This week look for opportunities to release yourself and others from past perceptions into future realities. The present circumstances have put things into perspective in many ways. Make an effort to change habits to accommodate these new perceptions.

In other words, “let by-gones be by-gones,” and deliberately incorporate that freedom into your way of treating yourself and others.

Have a great week!