Developing Sound Judgment

An important aspect of the nature of God that is missing in our midst is sound judgment. Somehow the concept of “judging” has become an unequivocally bad thing. I’m not talking about criticizing out of our own opinion, I’m talking about being healed enough, insightful enough, loved and loving enough to be able to see when a fellow-son is engaging in or heading for trouble and being courageous enough to (lovingly) throw down a spike strip and blow up their tires.

Instead I often hear that we shouldn’t judge at all, and leave that up to God, that others’ behavior is between them and the Holy Spirit. Funny though, I also hear how the church is supposed to be the “hands and feet” of God — He accomplishes His purposes through us. I guess we tend to pick and choose beliefs that suit our temperament and comfort level.

Well if you and I aren’t loving and wise enough to help our brothers and sisters by sharing sound judgment, who is going to do that? Their ex-spouse? Their former boss? The courts? Wouldn’t it be better if their misbehavior was caught early on by those who love them, and can share God’s ways of doing things? Like healing, freedom and restoration?

With freedom comes responsibility. As we are healed, and we are changed more and more into His likeness, His expectations of our involvement and commitment increase. As a child grows, his skill and judgment improves, and he takes on greater and riskier responsibilities within the family. Likewise in our relationship with God, the more we are dependent on Him, the more like Him we become in our soul and body. And the more He desires our involvement in His plans for this time.

“Lord, I want to be available to you to bring wisdom into whatever situation you choose, and I recognize that I will need healing and courage in order to do this. I understand that your Truth reveals areas in each of our lives where we are relying on our own standards and information, but that your Truth sets us free to live our lives as spirit beings. I ask you now to do whatever is necessary to bring my soul into alignment with my spirit in this area.

Lord, is there a situation that I have been avoiding because I have confused criticism with judgment? Change me, teach me what I need to know to be your wisdom in this situation. I am willing to be misunderstood in order to be obedient to my new spiritual nature.

Lord, is there a situation where I have been resisting sound judgment, rejecting it as human criticism in order to maintain my control in that area? I give you permission to reveal those areas of my life where I have resisted your Light, so that I may receive healing, strength, love and confidence.

Thank you Lord, I appreciate your persistence on my behalf.”

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