God’s Idea of Higher Education

Many of us have received a Desire, Calling or Word that God wants to use us in the ministry, in one way or another. Often the first thing we do in response is to try to figure out what kind of training or education we will need in order to fulfill that calling. But God wants to train and educate us Himself, personally, because at the end of the day our calling and purpose is to be with Him.

God knows what plans He has for us, so He will train us for specific projects. Often these projects aren’t something we would normally value, like learning patience with ourselves or being okay with being misunderstood, but they are vital to learn on the road to receiving Life in our soul.

God knows what wounds need to be healed, what lies need to be overcome with Truth. We each have our own history and beliefs, but God knows what they are even when we don’t, so He can speak the exact truth we need that dispels the lies. He can shine the exact light into our darkness that restores our soul rather than burdening it.

God knows our soulical strengths and weaknesses, and character flaws, because He gave them to us. Yes, that’s right, He gave us our weaknesses and character flaws. Without them we wouldn’t need help, we wouldn’t need Him. Instead through the training process, when He is in charge of it, He shows us our negatives, and turns them into valuable gems according to His plans.

God knows our desires, since he gave them in the first place. He provides encouragement and correction, fellowship and stamina, discipline and ever-increasing freedom. All for our benefit. Because He knows what we’ll need, and He wants us to be prepared to make the most of every circumstance.

Part of our education will be learning how to work His way — how to research, try new things, make mistakes, learn from others. How to trust, and how to go to Him when we are betrayed. Training is work, but if we start with our end in mind, being one with God, He will take us the shortest route to getting there.

One of my favorite examples of God’s education philosophy is when God went looking for a replacement for his prophet Elijah. At the time, there were several Schools of the Prophets in the area, each of which were no doubt cranking out excellent prophets year after year. But God didn’t choose from one of them. Instead God wanted a prophet He could call His own, a Prophet He could train to speak for Him, to do things His way. He sought out someone that had no prior calling or education, who may not have even had any interest in godly things, but God called him from his task to train him Himself. Elisha was out doing his thing, being himself, when God interrupted his life and began the bumpy process of making him into His Prophet.

Don’t get me wrong, a formal education can be a great thing, IF the Lord sends us there and IF while we’re there we learn from the Lord and not just from our instructors. As long as we view the school as a tool and opportunity that God is using to train us, we can eagerly learn from those who have paid the price for a strong relationship with God.

Finally, if you have a desire for some kind of formal ministry it doesn’t mean you have to get a formal education. God Himself will train you, and then you will be sent, protected, provided for and directed by Him. It’s better, safer, to be sent and kept by God then to rely on whatever so-called protection we think there is in a denominational, ministerial or organizational structure.

So how do we enter that school? How do we get God to pick us? Good News! He already has picked us, we just have a hard time accepting and acting on it.

As usual we start with giving God more Time and Attention. We take His training seriously, but don’t take it too personally. Those whom God loves, He disciplines. He won’t let you go through His school without being changed, without being healed, loved and freed. God has BIG things for you to do that will be satisfying and exciting. Have Fun!

“Lord, I want to be taught by You. I want to enter Your School of Ministry, Your King’s College. I’m open to being changed without knowing the final result. I’m available, teach me!”

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