Get Ready, Stay Ready!

For those who have been experiencing a sense of anticipation, it is time to put your affairs in order so that nothing is lost and there is no hesitation when your orders to move are delivered.

Don’t worry that you don’t know what is coming, and don’t feel prepared. Daddy has been making you ready, and you will hear and know at the time of your calling.

Once you’ve finished that which you know you should be doing, check with Counselor to see if there is anything you’ve missed; not because you’ve missed something, but so you will know going into this next thing that you are free to devote your full attention to your future and He will oversee your past.

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Who’s Your Daddy?

Authors in both the old covenant and new testament used a variety of phrases and names to attempt to translate the diversity of God’s character into terms we could relate to, culturally and socially; Johovah Jireh, God Our Provider. El Elyon, God Most High. Paraclete, Comforter.

But as a spirit being, you already know God fully as He is. As we are healed, and learn to walk in greater understanding and freedom, that spiritual knowledge becomes more and more accessible to our mind, will and emotions and even our natural senses. The more we cooperate with Him, and rest in Him, the more we let Him fill the character needs we rely on others to fill in our lives – lover, planner, truth-teller. We all need as well a good and faithful father, older brother and guidance counselor.

Ask now if there is any area where He is prevented from relating to you as He chooses. If the answer is Yes, test the source (Is that you, Lord). If Yes, ask for specifics, and ask what you need to do or what lies you are believing that need to be addressed so He can be free to present Himself to your entire being any way He chooses. If No, identify the source of the obstruction and deal with it as He directs until He assures you He has freedom in your life. If He responds No, no problems here! Just say Thanks, Dad, and enjoy your day.

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2007: What a Wonderful Season We Have Ahead of Us!

Like many I’ve asked the Lord what this upcoming season has in store for us here on good ol’ planet Earth. He showed me a beautiful glass building, unusually shaped, set in the midst of a mountainside, evergreen forest next to a clear quickly-running stream. There was no hardware anywhere — everything was absolutely clear, though I also knew the glass was impenetrable and shatterproof. I knew it was a newly completed Library.

We went inside, and He took me to a bank of card files that filled one entire wall. He opened a drawer, and I expected to see index cards, the kind that include the author, title and location of each book. Instead, the drawer was empty. I looked at the entire wall of drawers; I could see they were all empty. Then I noticed that all the shelves were empty as well. Not a book to be seen, yet I knew this was a library.

I then knew that what the Lord is going to do in us and through us is so unrelated to anything He’s done before we will have no reference for it; He doesn’t want us looking to the past to understand the present or prepare for the future. The books that will go in this library haven’t been written yet! We’re starting fresh.

Though the deeds that will be recorded in these books were established before time was created, their expression will be manifested on earth in this coming season. Nothing can compare… More on this as Daddy permits…

We have much to do, and there will be much opposition, and many mistakes and mishaps, but this is going to be — amazing!!!


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