Supernatural Environment

The supernatural or soulical environment consists of those areas between the natural (that which was created and can be recognized by the natural senses) and the spiritual (that which has the same characteristics as God; holy, eternal, omnipotent, etc.). Most of us spend the majority of our time and thoughts dwelling in this realm. Though this is one realm, it contains many regions. In order to understand our beliefs we can say that the supernatural realm is where the angels and demons dwell, also described as heaven and hell. We can also say that the realm to which our soul relates is the soulical environment. Our soulical senses work just as well (or as poorly) in heaven as in hell.

The most important law that predominates over this realm is that God reigns supreme, and nothing happens here without His express permission, just as in the natural realm.

The supernatural realm can also become a distraction, as many believe that it is the same thing as the spiritual realm. So we often mistake what happens there, and what we see, as being 100% true and infallible. Thus, we can experience visions, manifestations of God, angels and demons, etc., and falsely conclude that there is absolute authority and clarity in them. This can be not only a distraction but misleading and a deception, especially when doctrines are then built upon what we believe God has shown us in this imperfect realm.

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