God Is Committed To You!

So often we hear about how we need to commit to God, commit our will, our family, our path, our plans, our selves, our goods and our time into His Hands. We tend to focus on our part of the relationship, perhaps because we are more familiar with it and feel we are responsible for our situation. But consider this…

God Is Committed To You.

He is devoted to arranging and making the most out of every circumstance in your life to bring you to precisely this point, where you are Right Now.

Whatever that point may be. Whether you perceive it as Good or as Bad.

He is committed to you, for your benefit. And as spirit you have agreed that “this” is the best thing for you. You and He are on the same side, working through whatever “this” is.

He won’t turn His back on you. He won’t leave you or forsake you. He won’t change His mind about you. Even when you think He should.

God has committed His resources, all time, all of heaven and earth, to your Wholeness. He will not stop here. He will not let you go.

When you succeed, or fail, or think you have gotten off the path, whatever any of that means to you, it is all part of His plan for you. Don’t take it as a permanent state of being: you ARE succeeding, because you are in Him and He is committed to you.

When you give up, He’s there, with His arms around you, loving you.

God is committed to you because He loves you.

He can’t help Himself. It’s His nature to love you, and He will not be denied.

You are God’s inheritance, and part of His family. Now. Not when you die, or are seated with Him in heavenly places. Now. You interact as family because you Are family. Not “as if,” but because you Are family. One Family. One Love. One Being. One.

“Lord, is there something we need to talk about? Is there an area of my life or beliefs in which I wait for you to be disappointed in me, in which I expect you to give up or abandon me? Where I am sure you’ve given my blessings to someone else because I have failed you so badly? Tell me Your Truth here, Lord…”

Be sure to test what you hear.

“Lord, Is That You?”

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