Just Say “Yes”

I’ve spent a lot of time driving lately, and ended up listening to a lot of Bible teaching on the radio. I noticed a sense of depression and burden toward even what I usually really enjoy doing. Pausing to check with the Lord, I was struck by several of the phrases I had heard on the radio; maybe not so much the words, but the approach to this world’s challenges that was presented. Rewards for suffering. Bearing other’s burdens. Treasures in heaven.

It is so much easier to be negative about, well, just about anything. On our own we tend toward the negative, and have to really work to be positive.

So, we’ll have to learn how to work. To overcome. To accept and focus on the positive. To enjoy God’s Yes.

Can you know God without a doubt? Yes.

Can you hear His Voice clearly. Yes.

Can you know He loves you now? Yes.

Does He have wonderful treasures, freedom, healing for you now? Yes.

Will we have to work to enjoy them? Yes…

Not to receive them, No…

But to enjoy them, yes, it may be work.

So, it’s daylight, let’s get to work 🙂

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