If Change is God’s Responsibility, Is There Anything WE Can Do?

Well, yes and no. We can learn to actively rest; like an injured patient undergoing surgery, it is imperative we lie still on the operating table. So imperative, in fact, that during surgery our bodies are anesthetized to keep them from reacting to the pain. But when undergoing soulical surgery, we are fully aware of everything that is going on around us. The best we can do is be still and learn to know Him. To get to that state of rest, God will teach us how to truly repent, renew our minds and submit our beliefs, until we believe what He says about us. We will then trust Him because we have experienced His love for us, not because of the strength or nature of our beliefs.

Only God can live the Christian life; our purpose now is to let Him live that life through us without our interference. His life in us becomes our reality. We become blind to our surroundings and our own desires, and deaf to the cries of the needs within and the needy without, to the point that all we know is what He tells us, and only respond to His will, joyfully and with His power and authority.

This will require turning a deaf ear, and shutting our eyes to what we have learned about God and how we fit into what He is doing. What God says to us and about us is the truth, not what we’ve learned from our pastor, parents, our “selves,” etc. Our thinking, feeling and choosing all need to be reconciled, brought into alignment, with the Truth — what God says is true. Just because you believe something is true doesn’t make it true. Test it! Is it bringing you into dependence on God alone or on something else? A fact is anything someone can get you to believe. We must let go of everything we think we know; that which is Truth will remain. What is from God will stand up to all scrutiny. We must learn to trust the Lord to lead us into all truth more than we trust the world, the flesh and the devil to lead us into deception.

1 thoughts on “If Change is God’s Responsibility, Is There Anything WE Can Do?

  1. sherryaj says:

    Dependence on God and resting in the truth of who God says I am is such a new concept. I desire to see what life is like when I surrender to God’s way and not my own.

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