If Success is Dependence on God, What Is Our Purpose Now?

If Success is simply actively depending on God to live His life in and through us, on His terms, what are we here for? What is our purpose? What are we doing here on earth?

This Is Life Eternal — To Know Christ!

Our purpose, our job now is to know God on His terms and in His timing. Though this may sound simplistic, we often struggle with that very simplicity; man loves to make complex what God has made simple. By making “knowing God” harder than it is, we often rob God of the opportunity to reveal Himself. Knowing God is His idea! So it is His responsibility to make Himself real to each one of us. He teaches us, and we learn — to live and move and have our being in Him.

What Does Knowing God Look Like?

Success, knowing God, will outwardly look different for each of us at different times. Since we already completely and perfectly know God in our spirit, it is only in our soul (mind, will and emotions) and in our body that the learning to know Him is taking place. This learning is three-fold: 1) learning how to go to Him to get healed (soulically and physically), 2) learning how He exposes our flesh, so He can consume it, and 3) learning to rest in and enjoy our present relationship with Him. Every circumstance in our lives contributes to these three activities.

Our purpose now is not to “do” these three things, but to depend on God to do them in and through us. God’s timeframe is totally different than ours; depending on God will require His working His patience in us. Being successful at practical Christianity will bring contentment in all things, even in the midst of turmoil and tension. In fact, it will often look like the opposite of what it is because of the misbeliefs, wounds and flesh that are being brought to the surface and exposed to His Loving Truth. For example, learning to live in His peace may appear as great turmoil to others as our control in that area is challenged and stripped. Change is hard for us and on us, but the Lord will prove His trustworthiness and lovingkindness as we allow Him to work in and through us. How and when we are changed is His responsibility.

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