What Hinders Our Purpose Now? (Part 1)

Misconceptions About Who We Are, Who God Is and What He Is Doing Hinder Our Purpose Now

Do you know why you believe what you believe? Beliefs are caught, not taught, and we are often not aware that much of what we believe contradicts something else we believe (this is one reason there are so many versions of the Bible and an ever-growing number of denominations). God wants us to know His ways, how He does things, how He feels about us, and how He works on our behalf. Taking another’s explanation for this hinders God from revealing the truth to us directly.

For example, there’s a popular saying in Christian circles that goes; “We’re not human doings, we’re human beings.” Well, neither is true. We’re not human doings, or human beings, but spirit beings, with the nature of our Father. But it’s a quotable quote, and easy to remember. The more times we hear it, the more “factual” it becomes — the more it rings true. But God wants to make our true identity real to us: “I am a spirit, I have a soul and I live in a body.”

Knowing Ourselves According To Our Temperament Hinders Our Purpose Now

We often live according to the belief that our temperament is who or what we are. For instance, someone who has a strong intellect may believe that their value to God (and to themselves and to others as well) is measured in terms of doing something with their intellect. Likewise someone who is compassionate and caring toward people may believe that God gave them those qualities in order to minister to people. But our temperament, the way God put our soul together, is not the basis upon which He evaluates us. In fact, most often our temperament, because of our misbeliefs, is our greatest hindrance because it provides a means to excuse the flesh. Our goal for freedom is not so that our temperament can be free, but so that He can be free, unhindered by our temperament. Before our soul (our temperament) can be fully available for the Lord to flow through, it must become unencumbered by the flesh.

Not Understanding How God Uses Circumstances Hinders Our Purpose Now

If your watch stopped, yet you still went by it because you didn’t know it had stopped, you would be believing a lie, you just wouldn’t know it. You’d start showing up late for things, and that’s how you’d find out your watch had stopped, that you were believing a lie. Likewise, God often allows things to go wrong in our lives, to reveal that what we are believing is a lie. If we don’t understand this, and then learn to listen for His voice, to see His hand in every circumstance of our lives, we miss out on learning to know Him in the practical areas of our lives.

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