Every Man’s Heart [‘It’s About Time,’ cont.]

During the Age of Knowledge, everyone did what their personal knowledge told them to do. During this time period there were judges, priests, kings, prophets, seers, and other leaders God would occasionally raise up in order to instruct and guide the people. Over time the list of boundaries, or laws, expanded to include everything from what to eat, how to treat one another, how to worship and how to go to war. When God, through whatever means, instituted a law, it was at that point in time that the people were held accountable. One day it was “legal,” the next day, “illegal.” The Age of Knowledge, or Law, was in effect until every statute was fulfilled in reality, which occurred at the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. These boundaries, laws and requirements were necessary because man could not know God on His terms, which were limitless, because in Adam the Spirit-life had been lost, and with it, the capability to have true communion with God.

–excerpted from “Practical Christianity”

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