[Leadership] Praying for More

Amidst the confusion of today’s economy, political upheaval and personal uncertainty, many Christians look for a tried and true formula to find their way with as little disruption as possible. We look for “at least”s — “At least we’re praying for God’s will to be done” — “At least we’re praying for our leaders” — “At least we know we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing” — “at least we’re all in the same boat — God won’t let us ALL sink”…

But what if God has More for us now than the Least? To discover More, we will have to leave the formulas and the Leasts behind. More is hearing God specifically and directly, and with certainty, even when More doesn’t line up with what we think, feel or want to do, regardless of the times and seasons we live in…Dare we wait expectantly for More, and climb out of the boat?


Daddy, we know that in our spirit we know all things, past, present and future, and we know and celebrate what each day holds. We know that we are in full agreement, cooperation and confidence in our plans. So Daddy, if there is anything in the soulical or natural realms that we need to be working on, that we may be distracted from by the BIG stuff that’s happening, do whatever is necessary to draw our attention to our true present task so that we may make the most of this great opportunity. We thank you in advance, and we love you.

…Thanks, Your Beloved.

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