Becoming Whole Spirit, Soul and Body

Becoming Whole Spirit, Soul and Body

God wants us to take full advantage of every resource He has paid for in this life to restore us to completeness in Him, resulting in both soulical and physical healing. In order to do this, we must learn to look to Him, to depend on Him first for healing, life and freedom. Here’s a quick overview of the resources and process God has made available to each of us:

1. Recognize that God wants you whole now, spirit, soul and body.

2. Learn to recognize your wounds, and teach others how to recognize their wounds as well.

3. Identify the reasons you’re not being healed.

4. Identify and overcome the hindrances to getting healed.

5. Recognize and express gratitude for the results of getting healed.

6. Recognize and embrace the warfare involved in exposing and overcoming your enemies.

7. Identify and strategize a plan of attack to overcome the world system in your own life, starting with evaluating each area of your life, how you spend your time, your personal and professional goals, how you relate to others, etc., through dependence on the Lord.

8. Identify and strategize a plan of attack to overcome your flesh, starting with identifying and embracing your temperament, strengths and weaknesses, through dependence on the Lord.

9. Identify and strategize a plan of attack to overcome the devil, starting with overcoming your fears and identifying your unique battlegrounds, through dependence on the Lord.

Recognize that Healing is a Continual Process, and will (probably) be on-going throughout our lifetime. Our ultimate goal is not to learn how to avoid being wounded, but to overcome our fear of being wounded, knowing that when we are wounded we can go to the Lord Himself for complete healing.

As we get on the same page as the Lord, we will be drawn into greater dependence and intimacy with Him. We will enjoy the freedom, contentment and enthusiasm for each new day as He continually reveals Himself to us and through us.

Adapted from Getting Healed: Becoming Whole Spirit, Soul & Body

“Get Your Questions Answered Now”

Deal with your issues, questions and challenges now. If necessary, change your habits and lifestyle. It’s time to get answers to any questions, pay back any debts of any kind, tie up loose ends, forgive and ask forgiveness. Anything you’ve been avoiding or putting off, address them head on. Forgive yourself.

Uncertain ties to the past will hinder your forward movement. God is ready to bring quick closure to doubts, even if the answer is “Not Now.” Knowing that you have done everything you can to clear up any wrongdoing or misunderstandings with God and with others will provide stability going forward.

There will never be a better time. Start by spending more time with God, and repeat the following as often as necessary:

Lord, please bring to the forefront of my mind, desires or emotions any area, action, subject or person that you’d like to talk to me about. I desire to clear up any lingering issues, and am willing to do whatever it takes to resolve those issues once and for all. Thank you, Father.

Follow through with what the Lord reveals. When ready,

Lord, I believe we’ve worked through loose ends for this time. Am I ready for what you have next for me? Thank you, Father!

Now move forward and experience healing, freedom, confidence and gratitude.