Daily Reign 2019-05-13

Many Christians see themselves as underachievers. Some think that focusing on a goal, and achieving great things is contrary to faith or reflects pride, or maybe they haven’t even thought about it. But Christianity, knowing and being loved by God, is a reflection of His character, which is Exceptional. He wants us to expect to have confidence and achieve great things, He just doesn’t want us to achieve great things out of the power of our soul. Recognize that God has given you desires in your heart, you see problems that need to be solved, opportunities for creativity, people to be helped, bridges to be built. Your goal now is to establish a plan with a specific goal, to develop a set of habits, that incorporate a growing dependency in your spirit rather than upon the strength of your soul, embracing and enjoying the process.

Set aside some time, a couple of hours perhaps, or longer, to recognize and evaluate the desires that may be lurking in your deepest thoughts. Ask the Lord if they are from Him. If those desires are from Him, they are for you now. Take Him seriously and start to lay out a process to achieve those goals, remembering that it is the process of depending on Him that is important, not achieving the goals. What habits need to change? What new habits do you need to create. Spend time with God about the specifics, asking Yes or No questions. He wants you to have confidence that you are hearing from Him and that He has your back as you try new things.

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