Exposing Our Enemies

The first step in overcoming our enemies is to learn to expose, or uncover them. Many Christians find this one of the hardest aspects of the healing process because it takes a level of self-objectivity that we’re not used to embracing on our own. Neither do most of us have those around us that we can trust to provide that objectivity. We can proceed with confidence, however, realizing that He who has begun this work in us IS trustworthy and objective, sometimes relentlessly so. You have already agreed with Him that you want your enemies brought into the light so they can be dealt with.

Remember also that as we learn to depend on His life within us, He will tune our spiritual and soulical senses in order to be able to distinguish between the various kinds of enemies we face. Each of our enemies requires a somewhat different approach, so we want to be especially sensitive to His leading in this. In all these areas, recognize and SUBMIT to the sovereignty and total control of God, constantly reminding yourself that He loves you, accepts you and values you NOW!


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