[Leadership] Taking Charge

As a spirit being you will have to learn to rule and reign over both the supernatural and natural realms and the beings who abide there. Look at each day’s events as an opportunity to command God’s spiritual reality to appear in all realms.

Whatever hardship or challenge you are facing, there is already an answer available. Your job is to command it into being.

For instance, many are facing layoffs and job loss with the financial strain that comes with it. See this as an opportunity for the Lord to prosper you by stirring up desires and ideas that will financially support you and your family independent of other resources (of course, without incurring debt). Do the work in the natural and supernatural realms; spend 20 hours a week on your financial goals (desires, innovations), at least 40 hours a week on meeting your current financial needs.

I know, I know, that’s 60 hours a week. A lot of time, yes, but this may be your greatest opportunity to impact your future. Take advantage of it forcefully.

Ask God how you should be spending your time.

Dream Big!

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