“For God speaketh once, yea, twice, yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; then He openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction.” (Job 33:14-16)

What a marvelous token of His love to us-ward. Caught up with the cares of the day, holding our mind to the job that we might do it right, and we bemoan the fact that we do not have enough time to “study” and wait upon the Lord for the answers to our problems. Weary and exhausted we retire to our bed, and find that GOD BEGINS TO IMPART. Well He knows, that if we were conscious of all the instruction we received, we would tell His secrets prematurely to others, or miss-use that knowledge for the building up of the flesh, and the kingdoms of men. So He sealeth up their instruction. But in due time the need arises, and our heart cries out to God for help, and the holy Spirit, who was sent to bring all things to our remembrance, whatsoever He had told us, brings forth to our conscious mind that instruction which the Lord sealed up during the “night seasons”.

Many have grappled with a problem all day, unable to find an answer, so they prayed, committed it to the Lord, and went to bed to sleep. Yet in the morning as they arose and their mind turned again to the problem, they found they knew the answer. Where did it come from? Ah, out of the thoughts of the night, God has implanted that needed fragment of knowledge.

The Psalmist must have experienced this also. “I will bless the Lord, who hath given me counsel: my reins also instruct me in the night seasons.” (Psalm 16:70). How wonderful to know that GOD IS THERE, through the night seasons, to impart of His wisdom and understanding, to quiet our hearts, speak peace to the inner man, and to give courage to face a new day with positive attitudes. Blessed is the one who finds “his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in His law doth he meditate day and night”, (Psalm 1:2).

Then out of the night shall come a song,
His truth prevails over every wrong.

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