What Do We Mean By “Getting Healed”?

God’s idea of healing may be different than ours. Often, we just want to deal with the symptoms, we just want to feel better or get out of a stressful situation. But God wants to get at the root-causes. “Getting Healed” means being freed and restored from unhealed wounds, whether in the body or the soul, not just the unhealed wounds or afflictions in our physical bodies, though that’s certainly included. But very often the wounds, the burdens, the afflictions that we are carrying in our physical body are the result of wounds in our soul that have not yet been healed.

We are always in the process of being healed. God wants us to be active participants in that process, and He doesn’t want us to settle for anything less than complete healing. Knowing that it’s His idea for us to receive healing, we can actively rely on Him, assured that He will provide the training, He will provide the teaching, and He will provide the insight and the light to show us how to depend on Him for healing. All we need to do is show up for class.

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