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[Command] Truth in Media

Freedom and Democracy are not possible without a Responsible Free Press. The public relies on media to keep it informed day to day, as well as, unfortunately, reenforcing beliefs and educating on the issues. When any media fails to be objective, they are no longer “Press,” they have become “Propagandists.”

Command “Truth in Media.”

Repeat often until no longer necessary.

For Freedom’s Sake!

[Command] Justice in the Courts

We are starting a new series entitled “Command”. Since we are learning to Rule and Reign here, on this earth, during our time here, we must learn how to command that which we have authority over. As spirit beings, we have authority over both the natural and supernatural/soulical realms. So we learn to speak Truth into these realms, and Command change into the World System accordingly. Throughout the day, and following week, speak this both out loud and internally, not to yourself but into any aspect of the World System that the Lord brings to your mind specifically.

“I command Justice in the Courts.”

That’s it! Simple, right? Over time it may become more specific, but for now, let’s learn how to take our place individually where we are.