Daily Reign 2019-03-21

We’ve often talked about learning to live as a spirit. Its a process. We’ve gotten so used to living out of our soul that we’ve lost the ability and instinct to live as anything other than a soul with a body. It will take an effort to create new habits and release old ones. To start, spend the next week thinking about what you ask God to do on your behalf. I suspect you will find that you ask for Him to guide you, take care of others, reveal Himself to you, grow in a gift, perhaps you’re in need of healing, etc. Go ahead and write these things down. Then, take some time and consider whether those requests are actually something you, as a spirit being, are to be involved in. For instance, you, as a spirit being, already know what decision to make. Your spirit has authority over your soul, and can stir up those gifts that reside within your soul. You, as a spirit, can heal your body. Of course, there are many things we rightfully ask God to do, but let’s learn to take on our God-given responsibility in those areas where we have the authority. In coming posts we’ll experiment with practical application.


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