Unhealed Wounds Hinder Our Purpose Now

Unhealed wounds are places in our soul where our needs have not been met in the past, so that we are now believing a lie. We can receive wounds both before we become believers and even after, if we don’t depend on God to meet our needs in a particular area. The most common wound is rejection. We are all rejected on a regular basis and will continue to be while we are here on this earth. So the issue is not how to prevent rejection, how to prevent being wounded, but how to go to the Father to get healed, as Jesus Himself learned to do.

Misunderstanding the dynamics of the wounding process will divert us into one of two tracks: 1) we will become distracted by our woundedness, putting all our energy into getting ourselves healed and avoiding being rejected again, or 2) denying that we have been or are being wounded, we will either stuff the hurt and rejection or hide behind activity so that we don’t have to deal with the hurt or be vulnerable to additional rejection.

In the wild, many animals will hide their injuries, knowing that a wound is perceived as a weakness or vulnerability, and makes them a target for predators. This phenomena seems to be quite an accurate description of Christianity as well; we’re afraid to express our hurt or need for help, having been previously rejected for having a need, told that it’s all in our head and to get over it, or told to stop thinking about ourself and just get busy. Or we’re afraid we won’t be helped at all, but sent home to deal with it on our own, which we have no idea how to do, or we wouldn’t have asked for help in the first place.

Thankfully, God’s purpose in our lives is to bring healing, and He never gives up.

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