[Hedz Up!] “Rope-A-Dope” & “Secession”

Earlier this week, I was thinking about our present turmoil, both nationally and globally. I heard two phrases from the Lord, “Rope-A-Dope” & “Secession”. When I asked what He meant, here’s what He said:


“Rope-A-Dope” refers to a tactic in which one party feigns, or pretends weakness in order to throw their opponent off-balance and to wear him out, making him more likely to make a mistake. In the movie, “The Patriot,” the revolutionary militia was known for breaking ranks and running from the battle field when things got rough. This known fault was used to their advantage, as a tactic, to lure the British into following their retreat into an ambush which included not only the militia but the ‘standing army’ as well. The subsequent defeat of the British Army, in the movie, turned the tide of the war.

I believe the Lord has feigned weakness and drawn the enemy onto the battlefield of His choosing, where he is being ambushed, exposed and defeated. Everything is perfectly orchestrated and under His control, though it may seem like we are losing battle after battle. Yes, the Lord has a Day of Judgment planned, but it will be for our good, not for our punishment. Judgment exposes BOTH the Good AND the Bad.

So many Christians are stressed out over temporary circumstances (yes, whatever situation you are in, it is temporary, even if it is ‘life and death’). The more you are able to hear the Lord’s voice clearly and specifically in the coming months, the more you will be able to enjoy our victory over the enemies of freedom, truth and justice. Peace comes from hearing His Voice, His direction to you.

There was a time, not too long ago, when it was considered inappropriate for Christians to be involved in politics, that they should only be interested in the heavenly realm, and effect change only through prayer and intercession. Over time, political decisions began to directly affect a Christian’s freedom to practice Christianity; religious leaders rose to speak for them (i.e., Moral Majority and others), and the pendulum swung the other way, inadvertently training Christians to become dependent on earthly organizations to effect change.

The Lord is presently asking us as individuals to find the balance, to “secede” from dependence  on these organizations, ceasing from relying on them for direction, guidance and motivation, even while maintaining involvement in the natural, political fight. This is not an ‘either/or’ situation. We depend on the Lord for direction and opportunity to fight the supernatural fight, even while engaging in the natural conflict. We must do both, though it will take effort to remove ourselves from depending on the government (i.e., tax-exempt status for non-profit groups will likely be revoked soon), societal movements, individual leaders, political parties, etc. and develop our own ability to hear and act in all these areas.

The natural strongholds will not be conquerable until the supernatural strongholds have been overcome. When they have been brought down ‘in the heavenlies’, we will have to know when and how to exploit our advantage ‘in the earthlies’.

Bottom Line: DON’T DEPEND on a political party or movement to change laws, grow the economy, etc. DEPEND on God, He will train you to engage in supernatural warfare, even as you are naturally involved in a political party or movement.

P.S. I was also reminded that the State Constitution of Texas includes the right to secede from the Union.

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