[Hedz Up!] Stop Fighting the Whirlwind

Many are spending all their time and energy doing battle against unclear enemies either because they don’t know what else to do or because this is what they’ve been taught to do in times of crisis.

Instead of immersing yourself in a technique (fasting, prayer, worshiping, commanding, waiting, etc.), ASK GOD for a specific direction to define your enemy and your battlefield.

If He says Wait, then wait. If He says Command, then command.

The battle is to hear from Him, then act; don’t try to get Him to act instead based on what you want Him to do or what you think He should do. It may be that He’s wanting to heal a wound, or correct a misbelief, or reveal Himself in a new way to you. Be focused on what He wants you to be focused on.

This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY! Don’t waste it by trying to use your own strength.

Work through this, He is speaking.

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