Time and the 3 Realms of Reality [‘It’s About Time,’ cont.]

Just as God’s purposes change over time as reflected by ages, time also affects the different realms of reality in which we exist.

The Natural Realm

Time was created as part of the natural realm at creation. Time is earthbound, though there may well be other forms of what we call time in other aspects of the natural realm. (We’ve already looked at how time warps at high speeds.) So time in the natural only affects our natural aspect, or body, and gives the structure to our lives with which we are all so familiar. We often see ourselves as time-related, or age-defined beings. We are either adults or children, for instance. We all have the same amount of time: 24 hours a day, and we can only live it one day at a time, or to be more specific, one moment at a time. (The two greatest thieves in a believer’s life are represented by the thieves that were crucified next to Jesus: the past and the future.) Realizing this we can have confidence that God has given us exactly the right amount of time, and that everything that happens within time is under His control.

The Supernatural Realm

Interestingly, time does not influence the supernatural realm. For us, this means that when we feel controlled by time in our mind, will or emotions (our soul), we are believing lies. For instance, when we are feeling guilty or wounded by something that happened in the past, we are letting time control our soul. Or if we are feeling anxious about something that is going to happen in the future, such as expecting God’s judgment or speaking in public, again we are letting time control our soul. Because we behave according to what we believe, time CAN influence our soul if we believe it can. But as our soul and body begin to line up with our spirit, and we begin to experience present truth in our lives, we will learn how to recognize when we are giving time control over our present eternal existence. We will then be able to enter His rest more easily and live on that eternal plane.

The Spiritual Realm

In the spiritual realm, the only time reference is that there is no time. The relative quality we refer to in the spiritual realm is “eternity” or “eternal.” But this is neither a qualitative (better time) nor a quantitative (more time) term. Eternity is something entirely different in nature than time; but because we can’t comprehend it with our finite minds we often expand our description of what we do know about time to describe eternity. But eternity has no beginning nor end, just as God has neither. Eternity didn’t start, and it will not change into something else, or end. It can only be entered. When we received salvation, we entered into eternal life. He didn’t just put His life into us, but He put us into His life — a different kind of existence all together. So in our spirit beings, there is no aging, maturing, or growing up into. As God describes Himself, so do we: I Am…I Exist.

[excerpted from “Practical Christianity”]

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