[Hedz Up!] Trust, Verify, then Trust Some More

I haven’t been posting too much lately because I’ve been volunteering during this election cycle. Though the results weren’t what we had been working for, we’ve done our part, naturally speaking.

Then there’s the supernatural-speaking, and the spiritually-speaking.

I am convinced that the Lord has much up His really-long sleeves, and it is ALL GOOD for America and GOOD for us all.

We’ve talked before about trying to understand God and what He does based on our own understanding, our own history and our own beliefs and interpretations of what others have written.

Most of our conclusions are NOT consistent with God’s Character. In fact, I rather think He’s more concerned with our mis-representing His character than with the depravity and evil in this world.

Because we have not yet learned how to hear Him on His terms, but through our own filters, He is unable to trust us with His plans. We would interfere or argue, and this not a time for either.

God is going to do what He has planned. NOTHING can stop Him. Because He has not told us what that is, and things don’t look too good right now, WHY IS THE ONLY OTHER OPTION THAT “GOD IS JUDGING US”? We think that God has warned us over and over again about the sin in our government, society and homes. We think that God has run out of patience with us — maybe a good dose of disaster will shake us out of our melancholy. This is a reflection of our own self-centered understanding, that the only options are the ones we know about. Please, let’s get real! How many times has God done something NEW! How many times do we ASK Him for something new???

So let’s be patient and let God do His thing in His time. THIS ELECTION IS NOT JUDGMENT ON AMERICA!!! This is OPPORTUNITY FOR GOD! He has crafted this situation specifically to fulfill His purposes. Yes, we react to it. Yes, we wonder and are perplexed. But we DON’T ATTRIBUTE TO GOD WHAT WE ARE FEELING AND EXPERIENCING! Though we are in the middle of outward-defeat, we are in the center of God’s plan for us, and His plans for us are GREAT Freedom, Liberty, Opportunity!

His Way! Not depending on who is elected! His Way!

So what do you and I do? Ask God! “What should I be doing now” Then test it. Then DO it! — PREPARE! Even if you don’t feel like it, ASSUME God is going to bring you — yourself — into greater opportunity, quickly. What do you need to do to be ready? Put your time, effort and energy into what He has for you to do to prepare rather than soaking up negative opinions about the judgment of God or the perilous times ahead. Use your time wisely.

God loves YOU! God loves America! God has NOT changed His mind about His Plans or Purposes.

Our best history is ahead of us QUICKLY — Get Ready — PREPARE!

God Bless America, and Honor and Blessings to us all!

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