[Leadership] “Lone Rangers” Welcome

Leadership is a solitary endeavor.

Though there are likely successful leadership ‘teams’ out there, within that team there is still one leader, a driving force, one who sets the agenda, provides the vision, maintains the motivation, etc. This is the leader.

Instead of running from being singled-out, as we depend on God to free us from ourselves, we will also need to embrace His leadership characteristics that are being formed in us. We must be willing to be singled out, accepting both praise and arrows, embracing our authority and responsibility.

Don’t be distracted by those who warn against being the ‘Lone Ranger.’ If I recall correctly, the Lone Ranger was very effective at what he did.

We are destined to rule and reign here on this earth — each of us, individually. This will only be a corporate ruling and reigning as more and more learn to rule and reign individually.

Ask the Lord if there is an area in your life in which you have avoided making changes because it would have put you ‘out-of-step’ with others. If so, ask Him what you need to accomplish this change, then ask Him to provide what you need.

Report back with any results, questions or challenges…

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