Leadership Series: Recognizing Your Character & Developing Your Skill

On Thursdays we will be investigating two aspects of leadership as we learn to rule and reign now: Character and Skill. As a spirit being, you already have leadership character; you don’t need to ‘mature’ into it, receive a ‘mantle’ or a word of prophecy, or even feel like you are or want to be a leader. You ARE a leader. Our challenge during our time here on this earth is to develop the characteristics into leadership skills. Fortunately we know that God is already doing that on His schedule. But as in all things He wants us to be joining Him in His work (you). So we will be looking at developing some specific leadership skills so that you are confidently available when the Lord calls upon the leader in you in a particular situation.

To start with, ask the Lord if there is anything regarding leadership He’d like to discuss with you, perhaps a wound received at the hands of a leader, or because you were/are a leader. Or perhaps you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. He may give you a goal or project related to your training. Regardless, let the Lord speak to you, comfort and encourage you, in His own way.

As always, if you have any challenges or questions, you can either email me or post a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Adventure Awaits!

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