Believers in Kenya need help

Our Brother Samuel in Kenya has asked for financial help to buy food for his family, church and the homeless families and orphans they are caring for. Most of them survived the recent post-election civil war, and had hoped to begin rebuilding their homes and communites, but now the food shortages are so great that there are demonstrations and riots against the government.

Here’s the contact information to send money via Western Union:

Samuel Asonga Atema


You will need to supply a “Test Question & Answer” for security purposes [example: name of dog / Spot].

Then email the MTCN number and “Test Question & Answer” to He will not be able to receive your gift unless he has all the information.

Any amount would be appreciated, suggest min. $25.

If you would rather not contact him directly you can send gift to me via paypal [you do not need to ‘join’ paypal in order to use their services–look for ‘Don’t have a PayPal account?’] and I will forward via Western Union. I have set up a separate paypal account for this purpose: Here’s a link:


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