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Daily Reign 2019-03-19

God wants us to know Him fully. We were created to be one with Him. Our spirit, our soul and our body function best when reunited as one, receiving His Life. Our soul’s transition is from self-reliance to reunion with our spirit. Just as our body’s natural state of locomotion is walking, not rolling, or crawling, our soul’s natural, normal state is to be in a moment by moment relationship with God through our spirit. We are returning to our original state of being, and are finding rest, contentment and authority.


Daily Reign 2019-03-18

God is well pleased with you. God is committed to you. One of the purposes of spending time with God is to give your spirit time to teach these truths to your soul, and even your body. You don’t need to be carrying the stress of wondering what God thinks about you. He loves you and is proud of you. Part of learning to live as a spirit being is letting go of the lies you believe about yourself. Ask God to reveal the truth of how He sees you.

Daily Reign 2019-03-17

If you are going to learn to live as an overcomer, you are going to engage in warfare of different kinds. Don’t take this too seriously, and don’t take it personally. It is what it is, an opportunity to learn how your weapons and armor work, and how to fight alongside your fellow warriors. Even better, these attacks may reveal your wounds and vulnerabilities, which is great, that’s how we get them healed. Don’t seek out your adversaries, but don’t cringe before them either. You have already overcome.