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Motivation and Enlightened Self-Interest

Most of us struggle with some aspect of being motivated to deal with doing things we don’t like doing. When it comes to the Christian Walk, we often look for internal motivation to keep us going with the disciplined life that it takes to know God as He desires. But True Motivation is always an outgrowth of our goals. Why Are You Doing What You’re Doing? Once you understand your purpose here on this earth, you will begin to be motivated by Enlightened Self-Interest.

God Is Sovereign

He’s going to do what He wants. In this world and in your life. In your spirit you have already agreed with His plans for you, and are actively cooperating with Him as He works in, through and for you. Herein lies the conundrum: If God is sovereign, and is going to do what He wants anyway, what is OUR role? Why should we DO anything?

The Real Goal

You’re not here on this earth for God’s benefit, but for your own. Your soul is fighting to maintain its control, even refusing to be healed. You have already given God permission to join your soul to your spirit, relinquishing control to God through your spirit. Here is where the battle lies. Your soul wants to maintain control, even in areas it’s already failed, over and over again. So God makes the most of our time here on earth and creates circumstances in our lives in which our soul’s strength fails, and we are forced to turn to Him for healing, life, encouragement and direction. Yes, those bad circumstances are from Him. For you. You will have to learn how to deal with them at some point; we don’t get out of doing the hard work just by dying.

Self Interest

So when those difficulties arise, whether an external circumstance or an internal struggle, we embrace the opportunity to turn to Him and be changed. We don’t know what’s next for us, after we leave this Earth-bound existence, but it’s likely it will build on top of what we have been changed into here. We know that it will be God-created and loving toward us. There are wonders we are to understand now, and wounds to be healed now, and understanding that is for us now, so that we live as spirit now. This is the work to be done. It is in our best interest to do the work now, for if it is not done now, it will just have to be done later, in addition to the work of what’s next. We don’t know what that will be, but we trust that since He has created circumstances for spirit living now, it is in all of our best interests to learn to walk in it now.

“Lord, give me a hunger and thirst for everything that you want me to have now. Don’t let me be satisfied with anything less. I don’t want to put off till someday what you want me to be today. I agree that I have already given you permission to do whatever is necessary to make the most of my time here on earth. Thank You!”

2017-2020: 3 Years of Opportunity & Strategic Warfare

Many prophetic (and political) voices have shared what they are hearing from the Lord regarding this new season that we have entered into. Our emphasis at The Reigners Club is geared more toward what we as individuals need to know and do, rather than on what the Lord is doing on a larger scale, though we will discuss as the Lord desires. This keeps us from being distracted by what God is going to do regardless of our involvement, so that we can focus on the assignments He has given us as individuals. If He wants us involved in the larger things, He will have us ready because we have tended to the smaller things.

We always start with focusing on actively Waiting on the Lord, Practicing His Presence. Our relationship with Him remains paramount, and the only thing that satisfies. Maintain your personal goals relative to this relationship and you will be able to persevere through whatever storms and circumstances come your way.

Greater Things

When He walked this earth, Jesus proved to the people that He represented His Father in the unseen things (forgiveness, love, His Kingdom) by doing great exploits that could be seen by the people. He proved to His audience that He could forgive sin by healing the sick and casting out devils. He proved He was sent by God by doing miracles. This is part of our calling as well, and even greater signs and wonders than what Jesus displayed are part of our birthright as our soul is brought into alignment with spirit. We must raise our expectations for ourselves and develop a greater sense of our purpose here on earth as we move into exercising our authority over time and space as God directs.

For our present discussion, Christians today fall into two general categories, those that have been practicing His presence, having their wounds healed and learning to live as spirit under the personal training of God, and are already actively engaging in His plans, and those who have not, but whose heart has been touched to be available for such a time as this.

Prepared Pioneers

These believers are trained, experienced and are already following specific orders to engage the enemy. There will be promotion and opportunity beyond your wildest expectations, so let your soul soar! The drawing of the presence of the Lord will at times be overwhelming, often affecting you physically, but will likely occur even as you are carrying out your everyday duties. Let the Lord set a strict watch on how you spend your time and what your heart and mind dwell on. You will be misunderstood; don’t take it personally. The Reigners Club desires to be a place of encouragement, rest and refreshing for you whenever necessary.

Ready To Be Made Ready

These believers want to be used by God, but have not been trained or prepared to be sent into the kinds of battles being waged at this time. Fortunately, this is a time of acceleration and mentorship. The Holy Spirit desires to do a quick work, but you will need to be willing to forgive others and yourself, releasing your past as an excuse in order to embrace your present, and to quickly become comfortable making mistakes. You will be able to redeem your time through specific requests the Lord will make of you. Follow through with His assignments and you will experience an ever greater reality of His love for you. Only Knowing God satisfies, only Receiving His Love will provide peace. The Reigners Club desires to be a focus of acceleration, guidance and instruction for those desiring to take advantage of this great opportunity and truly live as a spirit in this earth.

I will go into greater detail over the next couple of months as the Lord permits. For now, know that if you know how to wait for Him, and as you practice waiting in His presence, you will be called upon to be a conduit for His moving in this earth, whether you are aware of it or not. And if you don’t know how, you can quickly learn!

These are exciting times. Enjoy!

Happy New Year! Dream Big!

Dream Big! Isaiah 64:4, 1 Corinthians 2:9

Merry Christmas 2016

God Doesn’t Need Your Help

Quite a few years ago I was involved in a national cause in which I believed there was a great injustice being committed. I spent several months rallying people, raising money, garnering publicity, even arranging for appearances on the Sean Hannity television program.

About a month in, God was able to break through my passion and say, “I can handle this. I don’t need your help.”

But it was too late. I was emotionally and practically committed.

I threw myself into the cause. I would wake up in the middle of the night with new ways to bring attention to the cause. This situation had to be seen for the travesty that it was. I was sincere and passionate.

Finally the situation came to a resolution, and all the cards were on the table. I found out I didn’t have all the facts. The great injustice, wasn’t. Justice was done, despite my help.

Relieved but a little embarrassed, I heard God gently say, “What about ‘I can handle this, I don’t need your help’ did you not understand?”

Over time I thought about all of the time and energy I had wasted over those months. Not that they weren’t already redeemed, but I wanted to make sure I learned any lessons I could. He started to teach me the difference between our job and His. Its a lifelong lesson, but I’m working on it.

Today there are a lot of things to be stressed out about, and a lot of opportunity to Support a Cause and Get Involved. But the first thing I do, is to find out if God needs my help, if there is anything that I need to do differently.

I don’t want to be sticking my nose in His business, and I want to make sure I’m taking care of mine.

I don’t need to help Him, to change His mind, to convince Him to do things a certain way.

I don’t need to fast, or pray, or humble myself, or repent.

Unless He tells me to.

That’s where I start. What is He telling Me to do? What is He saying To Me?

If you’re stressed, maybe that’s a good place to start.

Do you know what God wants you to be doing? Are you doing it?

Give Him a chance to talk to you about what’s causing your stress. You may be surprised to hear, “I can handle this. I don’t need your help.” Then you can be about working on the projects He HAS assigned to you.

“Lord, is there anything I should be doing that I’m not? Any activity or involvement I need to cut back on? I understand my duties as a citizen of this world, and I am committed to fulfilling those responsibilities, but is there anything else you want to draw my attention to?”

Over time let Him change your desires and direction, or recognize the peace in the place you’re at now. Give Him opportunity, and He will be your guide.

God Is Committed To You!

So often we hear about how we need to commit to God, commit our will, our family, our path, our plans, our selves, our goods and our time into His Hands. We tend to focus on our part of the relationship, perhaps because we are more familiar with it and feel we are responsible for our situation. But consider this…

God Is Committed To You.

He is devoted to arranging and making the most out of every circumstance in your life to bring you to precisely this point, where you are Right Now.

Whatever that point may be. Whether you perceive it as Good or as Bad.

He is committed to you, for your benefit. And as spirit you have agreed that “this” is the best thing for you. You and He are on the same side, working through whatever “this” is.

He won’t turn His back on you. He won’t leave you or forsake you. He won’t change His mind about you. Even when you think He should.

God has committed His resources, all time, all of heaven and earth, to your Wholeness. He will not stop here. He will not let you go.

When you succeed, or fail, or think you have gotten off the path, whatever any of that means to you, it is all part of His plan for you. Don’t take it as a permanent state of being: you ARE succeeding, because you are in Him and He is committed to you.

When you give up, He’s there, with His arms around you, loving you.

God is committed to you because He loves you.

He can’t help Himself. It’s His nature to love you, and He will not be denied.

You are God’s inheritance, and part of His family. Now. Not when you die, or are seated with Him in heavenly places. Now. You interact as family because you Are family. Not “as if,” but because you Are family. One Family. One Love. One Being. One.

“Lord, is there something we need to talk about? Is there an area of my life or beliefs in which I wait for you to be disappointed in me, in which I expect you to give up or abandon me? Where I am sure you’ve given my blessings to someone else because I have failed you so badly? Tell me Your Truth here, Lord…”

Be sure to test what you hear.

“Lord, Is That You?”

Just Say “Yes”

I’ve spent a lot of time driving lately, and ended up listening to a lot of Bible teaching on the radio. I noticed a sense of depression and burden toward even what I usually really enjoy doing. Pausing to check with the Lord, I was struck by several of the phrases I had heard on the radio; maybe not so much the words, but the approach to this world’s challenges that was presented. Rewards for suffering. Bearing other’s burdens. Treasures in heaven.

It is so much easier to be negative about, well, just about anything. On our own we tend toward the negative, and have to really work to be positive.

So, we’ll have to learn how to work. To overcome. To accept and focus on the positive. To enjoy God’s Yes.

Can you know God without a doubt? Yes.

Can you hear His Voice clearly. Yes.

Can you know He loves you now? Yes.

Does He have wonderful treasures, freedom, healing for you now? Yes.

Will we have to work to enjoy them? Yes…

Not to receive them, No…

But to enjoy them, yes, it may be work.

So, it’s daylight, let’s get to work 🙂

Overcoming the World’s System of Success

In our society we encounter this enemy on a regular basis any time we allow the world system to define “success” for us instead of God. Success can be measured in many ways, for instance some measure their success according to their Productivity:  “Try harder!” You need to measure up. Are you getting everything done? “Be Number One.” “Just Do It!” But winning the Rat Race simply makes you the fastest Rat.

Now, we do get to enjoy some great prizes: The unrelenting pressure of competition, the endless demand for busy-ness, learning to live with vindictive peer pressure, and knowing that our success is so often in the hands of those who can ruin our reputation or business with a casual remark on social media.

On the other end of the spectrum, some measure their success by how much they have rejected a previous view of success. They think by embracing the opposite of Productivity, say, Victimology or Entitlement, they have somehow escaped the excesses of the previous generation. But a new kind of excess is created, that of economic fantasy, a separation from the reality of how God created this world to work in this age.

Either way it is all the World System, no matter how it is expressed. If we want to overcome the World System, we start by going to God Himself to define success for us now, as individuals, without rejecting God’s control over the age we are living in.

Happy Independence Day


We Already Have The Authority

We Already Have The Authority