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To Hear His voice


Our purpose is to encourage, inform and inspire those who are seeking a deeper, dependent relationship with God.

To that end, we will be sharing with you what God is sharing with us in a timely manner, focusing on clarity and brevity.

For the fundamentals, please refer to the “Start Here” tab.

6 Responses to “Welcome to The Reigners Blog”

  1. Colonel at # Reply

    I just stumbled upon your site as I sought Books by Ray Printing. And having read the first article under start here, I just want to bless God on your behalf.

    • Dianne at # Reply

      Thank you for sharing. Ray Prinzing has long been a favorite of mine.

  2. Kelly at # Reply

    I’ve read the book practical Christianity that I found, and it drew and called out to me a such a mighty way. How can I find the other two?

    • Dianne at # Reply

      Hi Kelly, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed Practical Christianity. I will be in touch with you directly to make arrangements to get the other two books, Getting Healed and Knowing God, into your hands.

  3. Jeff at # Reply

    What do you think about Jesus? Who is he?

    • Hi Jeff, Welcome to The Reigners Club. The answer to your questions could contain books, but the short answer is God incarnate. If you have a specific area of his existence I’d be happy to discuss further. Thanks!

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