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  1. Colonel at # Reply

    I just stumbled upon your site as I sought Books by Ray Printing. And having read the first article under start here, I just want to bless God on your behalf.

    • Dianne at # Reply

      Thank you for sharing. Ray Prinzing has long been a favorite of mine.

  2. Kelly at # Reply

    I’ve read the book practical Christianity that I found, and it drew and called out to me a such a mighty way. How can I find the other two?

    • Dianne at # Reply

      Hi Kelly, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed Practical Christianity. I will be in touch with you directly to make arrangements to get the other two books, Getting Healed and Knowing God, into your hands.

  3. Jeff at # Reply

    What do you think about Jesus? Who is he?

    • Hi Jeff, Welcome to The Reigners Club. The answer to your questions could contain books, but the short answer is God incarnate. If you have a specific area of his existence I’d be happy to discuss further. Thanks!

  4. Dependence on God and resting in the truth of who God says I am is such a new concept. I desire to see what life is like when I surrender to God’s way and not my own.

  5. Jonathan at # Reply

    Happy New Year to you too and thanks for the message.

  6. Jonathan at # Reply

    “Whatever the ministry, whatever the service He has called us to, He has also given us mercy which undergirds and is equal to the task, yes, and MUCH MORE” – Thanks for this post. For me the ministry and service is not overtly ‘Christian’ but in the secular work place. I believe all the streams of work, ministry – secular or otherwise – should flow into one single purpose and destiny in Jesus Christ

  7. barb at # Reply

    At a major crossroad in my life right now it is interesting how something will jump out at you and you know without a doubt it is just what you needed to hear. The end of you posting said Freedom to Fail, Freedom to Succeed……that was liberating!!!

  8. I just love how you call Him Daddy. It is so good to know that Dad has everything under control.

    • Glad you’re enjoying this — He’s soooo sweet sometimes! Yet strong — just what we all need in a good PaPa.

  9. It’s always a challenge to respond to questions on behalf of other authors, so let me instead refer you to one of many web sites that feature the writings of Ray Prinzing: or just google his name…

  10. gacorner at # Reply

    Based on the last paragraph, it seems that Prinzing is saying that everyone will be saved. Is he a universalist?

    • Faleeta Uriyahs at # Reply


    • Shelly R Wilkerson at # Reply

      Yes–Ray Prinzing and I believe that every man, woman, and child will be saved through the cross by the Grace of JESUS.

  11. Mazie at # Reply

    As someone who lost a relative on 9/11, I appreciate your acknowledging the day in such a meaningful way and reminding us to Never Forget. The fireworks are fun too!

  12. Dianne at #

    Hi Special; WordPress — the only reason you would need to know anything more about wordpress is if you want to start your own blog 🙂

    Since you’ve registered, you are free to post comments. The author of the blog, in this case, me, is the only one who can post an article. We will, however, be posting what’s called an “Open Post” so that any topic can be introduced for discussion. I’m still working on the back-end of the blog (hopefully finish in the next couple of days) and then we should be up and running full-bore, and then soon have the internet radio program up and running as well.

    Don’t hesitate to send any questions you may have, whether technical or otherwise…

    Good to have you here!

  13. at #

    Wanted to get started here today.. I have been reading evrything and don’t understand the WordPress thing. Should I download it in order to participate, post blogs? It is new to me.

    I want to publically thank my wonderful Father for sending you to me Dianne. I had a need and he knew it. He provided before I was even aware that he had done so… it gives me chill bumps !

    As I work thru my own healing with Him, I hope to learn from others who are doing that as well.

  14. Dianne at #

    TO 2 & 3. Candacre: Glad you’re enjoying the newsletter. I came up with this view of spirituality through Daddy revealing it over time, then testing it myself. I expect over time we will get to the bottom of what is causing the fear and depression, both very common in faithful believers today. As our wounds are healed, we grow in our confidence that we are hearing His voice in whatever situation we are in, and are open to His speaking in a variety of ways. He loves to hear us say, “Daddy, what are we going to do today?”

  15. Dianne at #

    TO 1. Charisman: Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing the Lord’s plans unfold ~

  16. candacre at #

    I find that I know God most intimately wehn he communicates to me through coincidenes and acts of serendipity. It is then that I think I am on the right path.

  17. candacre at #

    I have found the newsletter illuminating. I find that I am healing to others and not to myself. I have depression and I overeat. Fear is my biggest enemy. I would be interested in knowing how you came up with this view of spirituality. I resonate with it.

  18. Charisman at #

    Dianne, I love what you’re doing. Your ministry is soooo needed in the Body. We all have to deal with woundedness. I am grateful and excited to be a part of this ministry. God bless you!!!